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lovepool is a Stellar inflation pool that helps people.

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Who do we help?

On January 13th, was compromised.
The attacker managed to redirect's traffic to a fraudulent website, resulting in a loss of approximately 670,000 Lumens.

Ninety-one users lost the totality of their funds... stolen by a heartless person.
We are collecting funds using the amazing Stellar inflation system to help cover the loss of these unfortunate individuals.

They need you!

Joining our inflation pool is free and without risks.
Be Stellar, show the world how awesome the Stellar community is.

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Is there any risk?

We won't have access to your funds: you will only be voting for our inflation pool
Please only use the methods proposed below and make sure that your computer is not compromised.
If you do not want to join the pool but still want to help, you can donate by sending XLM to GCYBNDA3JDOYJP4FYUAJEWLAL3EIGZADZ7QFZ5I5M5RJJ6Z7G444LOVE.

How do I join the pool?

There are multiple ways to join the pool.

Using the Stellar Laboratory (recommended)
Using the Stellar Desktop Client
  1. Download the latest version of the Stellar Desktop Client on
  2. Login, click on your wallet address.
  3. Click inflation destination.
  4. Enter our pool's address and click update.
  5. Congrats!
Using other wallets
  1. A list of wallets is available at
Why should I do this?

Be a hero. These people lost all their money...
Everyone's concerned by such terrible things... but today, you have the opportunity to offer incredible help at no costs.
By uniting the Stellar community, we should be able to generate enough money within a few weeks.
This is a win/win: the victims will get their funds back, and our lovely community will get out even stronger because of this incident - by showing the world how awesome we are.
Be Stellar .

How long will it last?

We have an objective of 750,000 Lumens, a bit more than the 670,000 Lumens to create a communal pool to compensate future potential victims of hacks.
We don't know how long this will take, but are hoping that all of us will unite to achieve this mammoth task. Please join the pool, vote, and support your fellow Stellars!

What's next?

Reaching our goal is the main objective. However, if we manage to reach the goal, we will continue to do the same thing: help people.

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